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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Label
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2018 19:42:01 GMT
AIUI, "inline" is the default display style for Span.  "block" is the
default for Div.  HTML flows inline by default for just plain text.  Basic
components try to give Flex-friendly names for HTMLElements.  Some
component in Basic needs to inject a span into the DOM.  In a few seconds
of looking at a Google web page, I did not see any divs with text as
children.  I saw spans.  The Divs all contained other elements.

I don't create HTML web pages for a living, but if I were to place a label
over a control like I often see in Flex, I would not wrap the label in a
Div.  The control would be div, so I would us a span or just plain text.
If I looked at the final DOM and saw Divs around every chunk of text, I
would think there is something heavy about the framework.

Again, the goal is to encapsulate common patterns.  Label combined with
some control is trying to replicate common patterns for labeling controls.
 You are trying to solve the common pattern of truncating text.  That will
require a Div. But truncation, or even width/height is not something that
should be built into Label for PAYG reasons.  IMO, you should create a
different component with a different name.  TruncatingLabel, or

My 2 cents,

On 3/15/18, 12:19 PM, "Harbs" <> wrote:

>Why is span lighter than div?
>Inline and nowrap is not specific to span. AFAICT, there’s nothing
>specific to snap which fits Label better than div.
>As far as components which “does” span: Besides Span in HTML, we have
>HTMLText in Basic which encapsulates span.
>I can revert the change I made to Label, but I have not seen any downside
>to using div for Label. It seems to me that there’s nothing in the Label
>promise which dictates using span.
>> On Mar 15, 2018, at 6:55 PM, Alex Harui <>
>> On 3/15/18, 5:34 AM, "Harbs" <> wrote:
>>> Gotcha. FWIW, we now have the HTML element component set which more
>>> thinly wraps HTML elements.
>>> I can’t think of any reason why Label would be better as a span than a
>>> div. It seems to me that simply using div instead of span would make
>>> Label more versatile. Am I missing something?
>> You may be missing that the only real goal of Royale is to encapsulate
>> popular patterns.  Pretty sure I've seen span used on many web pages, so
>> we need a component that does what it does, including assuming inline
>> instead of block display.  Similarly, what would you think of a
>> that had a HelloWorld that used a div instead of a span?  You might
>> it is too heavy.
>> Per PAYG, if span doesn’t' support certain features, then you create a
>> LabelWithTruncation and have it use a Div if you need to.
>> My 2 cents,
>> -Alex
>>>> On Mar 15, 2018, at 2:30 PM, Peter Ent <> wrote:
>>>> Label was one of the very first components and the idea was
>>>> Button was <button> and TextInput was <input type="text"> and
>>>> <span>. 
>>>> I'm wondering if we should have NativeButton, NativeLabel, etc. which
>>>> would be these minimal elements and have others that are <div>
>>>> For instance, ImageAndTextButton is a <button><img src="goo.jpg">Label
>>>> Here</button> which works but the alignment is weird so maybe
>>>> ImageAndTextButton should be a <div><img>Text</div> which
can be
>>>> and styled better.
>>>> Anyway, that's the reason: simplicity.
>>>> ‹peter
>>>> On 3/15/18, 7:51 AM, "Harbs" <> wrote:
>>>>> Is there a reason that the element type of Basic Label is span?
>>>>> I tried adding a łTextOverflow˛ bead to a Label and it does not seem
>>>>> work because spans donąt really have a working width. Switching the
>>>>> element type to div seems to make it work.
>>>>> Harbs

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