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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Flex Emulation SWCs
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2018 17:48:56 GMT

On the users list, Alina has provided the API report for the main portion
of her application.  We are still waiting to get a report on her SWC
library.  She might have a pile of modules to report on as well.

Based just on the main application, and her saying that she has 500 MXML
files to port, I'm leaning towards creating migration SWCs that reduce the
amount of copy/paste.  In her data, we see that only 12 out of more than
100 APIs on s:Button are being used, and we have 6 of them implemented
already.  The plan would be to write the remaining six.  Some, like
useHandCursor might be temporary no-ops or to-dos.

I've been pondering what to name these libraries.  I've been using
MXish.SWC and Sparkish.SWC, but maybe we want a better name like
MXMigration.SWC/SparkMigration.SWC or MXRoyale.SWC/SparkRoyale.SWC or
RoyaleMX/RoyaleSpark.SWC.  I want to imply that it isn't fully backward
compatible in the name of the SWC if possible.

We could leave the namespace URI as


just to have one less thing to change in each MXML file, although it might
be better to use a different namespace URI to get "" out of there
which might help imply that it isn't fully backward compatible and go with:


I don't think we'd bother to fully re-create the Flex class hierarchy at
this time, but I think we will need to create a UIComponent that
subclasses UIBase and have all migration components extend that instead of
extending Express or Basic components because we need to change the way
percentWidth/Height work in the migration components.  UIBase sets the
style.width to a % value, but we don't want that in the migration
components.  The Flex layout classes use percentage differently.  The cool
thing is that if we wrote our beads correctly, we can re-compose the
functionality from Basic and Express onto this migration library and it
will "just work".  This illustrates the value of composition over

I think it will be a few more days before we have all of the data from
Alina and know how big this task will be so now is a good time to discuss
some of the details on how this would work.


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