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From Alex Harui <>
Subject -remove-circulars
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2018 05:40:10 GMT
Hi Folks,

I've spent the last day or so trying to get ASDoc to run when minified.  I
created a JSON to ValueObjects utility which helped a lot.  It still isn't
completely running, but it appears that we need to stop pruning classes
that are only used in type annotations.  This will make most apps a little
fatter, but also require all apps to use remove-circulars.

What do folks think about that?  The compiler used to prune classes from a
file's goog.requires list that were never instantiated or type-checked in
that file.  So, for ASDoc, the ASDocClass ValueObject that represents the
JSON data for the ASDoc is never instantiated by the class that consumes
it.  The instances are created by JSON.  The ASDocClass is only mentioned
in JSDoc to declare some variable as being of type ASDoc.  That enabled us
to remove that class from the requires list since that ASDocClass is never
referenced by operational code.  Removing that goog.require helped
eliminate circular goog.require references that the closure compiler
disallows.  That kicked HTMLElementWrapper out of the app for example.
But it appears that by removing that goog.require, the compiler didn't
know that the ASDocClass properties were exported and it renamed some of
them resulting in problems in js-release.  So by leaving more
goog.requires in the code we get better support against renaming, but we
also bring back more circularities and now even HelloWorld would need

An alternative that would allow a few more apps to not need
remove-circulars is to modify a few of our examples and classes to
eliminate circularities.  HelloWorld only has 3.  But 2 of them are
IParent/IChild and IStrand/IBead.  It seems "right" to have IParent
reference IChild and vice versa.  Same for IStrand and IBead.  I'm not
quite sure what the answer is.  Maybe IParent can reference IChild, but
IChild does not reference its IParent.  I guess you could make an
IParentedChild interface with the parent property and concrete children
implement both IChild and IParentedChild.  That seems wrong and overly

Yet another option, which is recommended by some folks in the Closure
Compiler community but doesn't fit well with the ActionScript language is
to define both IChild and IParent in the same file.  I do not want to
spend the time modifying the compiler for that.  It might be practical to
merge the files as part of the Ant and Maven builds.  But again, that will
take time as well.

That said, requiring remove-circulars always doesn't seem quite right


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