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From Andrew Wetmore <>
Subject Re: Royale substitutes for Flex features
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2018 18:26:35 GMT
We have created a placeholder in the documentation for migrating an
existing project from Flex to Royale. That is where I would look for such
help. Would you suggest that we add links from there to the ASDoc? That
seems a little awkward to me.

For me, holding an existing Flex application, it would be lovely to be able
to look in the help docs and see quickly:

== This stuff maps to Royale stuff
== You can do this in Royale by following these steps (popups, Canvas,
title windows...)
== Royale will have these things, but does not yet (menu bar...)
== Royale will not have these things so you need to go about them in a
different way or forget about them (virtual renderers).

This would be an exercise in capturing the tribal knowledge of the Royale
development team and making some of it available to the Alinas out there
who are hovering on the edge of Royale.


On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 2:05 PM, Alex Harui <> wrote:

> I don't think we have a list.  Some components are just missing (no
> Menu/MenuBar).  Some components are missing things (locked rows/columns,
> virtual renderers).  I don't really know how to manage such a list.  The
> Spark Button has over 100 public APIs.  Tracking all of that would be
> daunting.
> Some stuff may never happen (weak references).
> Some other stuff like PopUpManager can often just be done differently.
> Although if there is enough demand, we might create shims to ease
> migration pain.  I know people would love it if Royale eventually had 1:1
> parity with Flex, but that will take quite a while and I'm just not sure
> it is worth it.  We have a different pattern under-the-hood in Royale in
> order to best ensure performance in production.  IMO, it would be a
> mistake to make the port compilation easy but have the results not perform
> well enough.  We've opted for requiring a bit more work in porting code in
> order to try to ensure adequate performance in production.
> So, from Alina's emails today, some documentation around popups is needed.
>  We've seen that question several times already  Maybe a FAQ?  We've added
> some ASDoc tags in the Royale classes (@flexdocurl and @flexcomponent that
> could be added to a few more components that indicate what they can
> replace from Flex.  But there isn't a reverse search.  A volunteer could
> add that to the ASDoc app though.
> My 2 cents,
> -Alex
> On 2/6/18, 9:26 AM, "Andrew Wetmore" <> wrote:
> >Do we have a list of Flex features not (yet) available in Royale, and
> >known
> >ways of getting to the desired result using Royale? Recent conversations
> >regarding Alina's product migration make me think that would be a useful
> >feature in the help documentation.
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> >Andrew Wetmore
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Andrew Wetmore

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