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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Royale in 10 minutes (was Re: Proposed table of contents for Royale help documentation)
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2018 08:40:02 GMT
Hi Andrew,

I took a quick peek at the Adobe doc.  I'm not sure "Development Phases"
should be the first thing under "Create an application", especially given
how the Adobe doc says that some of those sub-topics are not phases.
Also, I think there is more than one way to develop an application.

My temptation is to leave "Hello, World" as the end of the "Get Started"
section.  Getting "Hello World" to work will prove that you have properly
installed the SDK.  Then, I would like to suggest tweaking the "Create An
Application" section to be where we build an app in 10 minutes.  I think
we should start with "Application Structure"  I will discuss the MVC
pattern there as an option.  Then the next section would be called
something like "A (10 Minute) Tutorial" and the sub-topics will be major
steps towards building an example app.  It will take you through building
the UI, network access, maybe data-binding, and it will address building,
debugging, and deploying the example.  It will pick up enough of the
development phase information that I don't think we'll need a separate
section for it.

I'm shutting down for tonight so I'll see what your thoughts are when I
get going again.  I could also draft my version in a branch if you don't
want to mess with the develop branch right now.


On 1/25/18, 4:07 PM, "Andrew Wetmore" <> wrote:

>I think the "Royale in 10 Minutes" goes where the ToC "Hello, World!" is
>the "Get Started" section. I saw the "Create an Application" section as
>what you would turn to when you had gone through building a first little
>application and decided, yes, maybe this Royale is the thing I need for
>what I want to build.
>I took the "application lifecycle" lineup from the old Adobe Flex help doc
>structure [1] section "Application Architecture / Application development
>phases". Of course, the under-the-hood tick-tock of what happens in a
>Royale app when you run it is equally valuable, but different. Feel free
>use "Application Lifecycle" to describe what you want to write about, and
>we can change the top title for my stack to something like "Application
>development phases", as you suggest.
>Each night I wake up at least once thinking something like, "Oh, I forgot
>an entry for Events!" The ToC is far from complete!
>I have added the info about the Apache header in, which I take
>be the place where documentation contributors would look for guidance.
>pick a time and let me know and I will be out of the way for your sweep
>through the existing files. I am in Nova Scotia in Canada, four hours
>of you if you are on the West Coast.
>On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 7:14 PM, Alex Harui <>
>> Hi Andrew,
>> So I just pushed more stubs for the Create An Application section.  As I
>> was doing so, I started thinking that what you expect in that section is
>> different from what I'm interested in working on.  It isn't that we
>> need that section, but it appears that you want to address application
>> development as a general topic, discussing the design phase, and
>> maintenance phases, etc.
>> What I want to write is a "Royale in 10 minutes".  Sort of a tutorial
>> building something more than a Hello World, and discuss some
>> "under-the-hood" things like how the app starts up, how you know the app
>> is ready, calling a web service, stuff like that.  If you agree we want
>> such a thing, where would it go?
>> Also, we have to be a bit careful about terminology.  The reason I
>> initially thought that I would do the "Royale in 10 minutes" in the
>> "Create an Application" section is because one subsection is titled
>> "Application Lifecycle".  To me, that meant the under-the-hood lifecycle
>> of an application like what its entry point is, what gets initialized
>> first, etc.  I'm tempted to rename the current "Application Lifecycle"
>> "Application Development Phases" so I can use "Lifecycle" for the
>> under-the-hood section.  Or is there a better name for how an
>> starts up?
>> I'm going to go spend some time on ASDoc while we figure this out.
>> Also, at some point, we should sweep through all of the files and add
>> Apache header to them.  I did it in "Create an" to make
>> sure it didn't pollute the output.  I didn't do the sweep now since I
>> didn't know if you have files under edit.  I'm not sure what hours you
>> working on this, so we should just pick a time where we have everything
>> committed and do a sweep.  I could do it on my Sunday night on the US
>> coast.
>> Thoughts?
>> Alex
>> --
>Andrew Wetmore

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