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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Migrating existing FlexJS documentation to Royale
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2018 23:23:41 GMT
Hi Andrew,

I've been thinking that we don't want to directly copy the FlexJS pages to
GH Pages.  I think it needs better organization.  I think the question for
you is how much time you have and what you would like to do with your
time.  I'm hoping to spend some time on doc once RC2 is posted.  I can
certainly type in a lot of words.  If your strong suit and time is better
aimed at editing and organization, then we should find a way to make that
work.  If you have a vision of the organization of the doc and want to put
together the skeleton of the doc set and leave lots of placeholders, I can
try to fill in those placeholders and you can edit it after.

I've looked at the Adobe doc a bit.  I'm not sure that's what I want
either, but it made me realize that we don't have pages like "What is
MXML" and how to use it.  We are for now assuming folks are
Flex-knowledgeable, which I think is ok.

I think we do need to use MarkDown and Jekyll (or maybe Royale).  I was
trying to think through how to get the branding around a pile of HTML
pages.  Doesn't sound easy.


On 1/18/18, 3:15 AM, " on behalf of Carlos Rovira"
< on behalf of> wrote:

>Hi Andrew,
>I think the initial approach is ok. We need to work all together since we
>* Technical info that is accurate to help people get started or solve a
>problem with some part of Royale
>* Be as clear as possible in terms of organization (how to organize the
>content), grammatical constructs, and more.
>So this task needs some kind of retro feedback between people working in
>docs and people working on code.
>I'm working in parallel in a theme for the docs, still looking how it's
>done, but hope to let you know something as I have things more clear.
>2018-01-18 1:04 GMT+01:00 Andrew Wetmore <>:
>> Hi, all:
>> I want to start upgrading the very useful documentation we have that
>> currently refers to FlexJS [1]. At the very least every document needs
>> edits to make sure it refers to Royale.
>> However, there are some other considerations:
>>    - Is there material that needs to be rewritten because Royale has
>>    evolved away from FlexJS? I will need help identifying stuff that is
>> out of
>>    phase with the current project.
>>    - The existing material is good, but not comprehensive. I'll be
>>happy to
>>    help extend the documentation, building out along the lines
>>indicated by
>>    the stub table of contents here: [2]. However, I am primarily a
>> who
>>    dabbles in code, rather than a coder who writes. I see two ways
>>       - I write material using my naive best-guess approach and my
>>       of Flex resources, and then people who are actually, you know,
>> smart about
>>       this stuff help me correct all my gaffes and oversights.
>>       - People who know the code blurt out their information on a
>>       particular topic without worrying too much about polishing it, and
>> then I
>>       help rework it until it is attractive and informative to the
>>       audience.
>>    - There should be a new blog entry every week at least so there is
>>    almost always something fresh for a site visitor to enjoy. I can
>> of
>>    lots of titles, but probably do not have the technical smarts to get
>>    the details right.
>> This leaves to one side for the moment the question of whether we are
>> MarkDown or HTML for the documentation pages, although I think it is
>> we are not using a wiki.
>> 1. 
>> 2. 
>> --
>> Andrew Wetmore
>Carlos Rovira

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