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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Discuss Release Apache Royale 0.9.0 RC1
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2018 19:27:28 GMT
Olaf is correct.  He can just try hand-patching the files that have been
downloaded and expanded in the folder where he is running
ApproveRoyale.xml.  There should be an apache-royals-0.9.0-src folder with
a royale-asjs/examples/royale/DataBindingExample_Flat subfolder.  Running
the "build" target in Ant should help us find out if the build will finish
without the Flash/AIR environment variables.

I'm waiting on the Olaf's results before cutting an RC2.  I'd like the
examples to build without Flash/AIR.  Also, I'm making changes to
MDLBlogExample and I think MDLExample as well.  After Justin pointed out
that there is CSS under CC-BY-4.0 in MDLBlogExample, I took a closer look
and realized that really, I think these two examples are just ports of
Google's examples and thus should remain under Google's copyright, and
that we should clearly mark the boundaries of the CC-BY-4.0 CSS.  Some of
the text used in the example is also CC-BY-4.0.

There is also a thread open on legal-discuss to verify that CSS is
considered to be "media" and not "source code".  If it is "source code"
then we have to treat the example as Category X and remove the CSS and
text from the repos and releases.  It is, as always, unfortunate that
these issues are not discovered when these files are first committed to
the repo as has been recommended by more than one experienced Apache
member instead of during the release process.

Hopefully we'll see RC2 soon.


On 1/16/18, 2:12 AM, "Olaf Krueger" <> wrote:

>I guess this time I understand what to do...hopefully ;-):
>Alex made a change at one of the examples at the release/0.9.0 branch.
>Because the distribution server does not contain this change I can't
>continue testing.
>So, in order to continue testing I have to adopt Alex change to my local
>copy (which originally was downloaded from the distribution server by
>the approval script) and after making chances I just have to run/test just
>the build.
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