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From Peter Ent <>
Subject Re: Slider Component
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2018 16:32:50 GMT
I've tried the slider with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. I guess I am not
understanding the problem. When I move the mouse into the slider thumb
control, press the mouse button down and drag, the thumb follows the mouse
immediately. It may snap to step positions along the track if the range
isn't very big (eg, 0..5). Is the problem that it snaps and doesn't glide

I've looked at sliders in other UIs and they do glide smoothly and most
often just stop where you leave them. Which can lead to readings like 3.25
on a scale of 0..5. Mostly those sliders only range from 0..1 and then the
app developer has to interpolate.

Let me know how to proceed.


On 1/7/18, 12:51 PM, " on behalf of Carlos Rovira"
< on behalf of> wrote:

>Hi Peter
>I could at last try the new slider and works far way better. Thanks for
>great work!.
>I notice the problems raised by Justin. I think one of the problem is that
>thumb is not considering the mouse exact point of interaction and that
>cause the thumb "moves" or adapts to the mouse. I think this is right when
>mouse is outside the thumb, but when is "inside" I think thumb should
>moving when user start dragging.
>I think this is so close to a functional slider so thanks for working on
>2017-12-15 4:12 GMT+01:00 Justin Mclean <>:
>> HI,
>> Look like the new slider code has introduced a few new issues and one in
>> particular in easily discoverable by users [1]. Can someone take a look
>> this PR please. [2]
>> Thanks,
>> Justin
>> 1. 
>> 2. 
>Carlos Rovira

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