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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Royale Release Process Philosophy
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2018 07:57:58 GMT

I think I have a script that builds all of the Maven, Ant and I think even
NPM artifacts for a Royale release.

Instead of the Flex "Last Call" process, I would like to try a different
process and philosophy for Royale.  The script takes a while to run, but
is relatively straightforward so I think we should try releasing whatever
happens to be in the develop branches more often, maybe monthly or even
more frequently than that.  So there won't be any "Last Call" since that
slows down the release process while we wait for someone to finish some
code or fix small things.

I think we should try to cut a release during the first week of every
month, and potentially more often than that if a release goes out with
blocking problems. 

As such, we want to adopt a different philosophy to voting.  As
recommended by Roy Fielding, we could take the approach of "better than
the last release and not illegal".  And "not illegal" means truly breaking
a law, not some policy issue.  I would say we would not release something
that is in violation of the CatX handling policy though.

So the process will be something like:  in the first week of every month
(not necessarily on the 1st day of the month), someone will cut an RC and
we'll vote on it, and if we didn't break something important and aren't
breaking any laws and are handling CatX properly, we vote +1 and out it
goes.  Most bugs should not hold up these releases.  If something is
broken we try to fix it in a few days and hopefully out it goes then, but
most other fixes just go in the develop branch and goes in the next
release.  Then towards the end of the month, we try to find a volunteer to
cut the next monthly release. If we can work together to get releases out
quickly, I will be the RM for the first couple of releases to make sure
the script holds up.

If we ship a release and after it goes out, something is found and we want
to release a fix right away, we will do that as well, even if that means
that the first week of the month release is only a week later.

Any objections?  Either way, the script completed building an RC, so I am
going to send out vote and discuss emails for it so people will review it
in case the script needs fixing.


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