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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Need help with CSS class selector (font-family is always Arial)
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2018 17:39:35 GMT

On 1/4/18, 3:19 AM, "Olaf Krueger" <> wrote:

>Thanks again Alex, it's getting clearer and clearer for me!
>I also thought about something similar to your suggestion [1].
>But I thought this would be not a good idea because going this way we have
>to implement the ace JS API twice. Once in and once in
>But I guess this is the price we have to pay in order to get such fully
>integrated Royale components!? ;-)

IMO, very few existing JS libraries are property-oriented since properties
(Object.defineProperty) is relatively new in JS.  So our work is to
repackage JS libraries for MXML and "harden" (strongly-type) the API by
adding types and constants and other AS constructs.  This repackaging also
abstracts the actual platform implementation so that the component can be
implemented on other platforms.

Once you create the Typedefs SWC for "ace", someone will be able to skip
using the Royale framework and create a "native" JS file by using the
ace-typedefs.SWC and js.swc and more closely following the ace embedding
example I linked to earlier.  You are welcome to provide a "native"
example for folks to use as a comparison as well.  If folks were to use
the native version, eventually there would be dozens of copies of that
embedding snippet written and debugged by these folks.  The thing we want
to provide to our users is a more uniform usage workflow so you don't have
to look up how to use it.  You are going to write and debug that snippet
once, and folks will not have to worry about it, they can use ACEEditor
just like any other Royale component, and can use it from MXML as well.

My 2 cents,
>private var _theme:String;
>public function get theme():String
>    return _theme;
>public function set theme(value:String):void
>   _theme = value;
>   editor.setTheme(value);
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