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From Andrew Wetmore <>
Subject Re: Proposed table of contents for Royale help documentation
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2018 17:36:49 GMT
I am not sure I agree about putting "Getting Started" first. If the table
of contents as I propose it appears with its top-level entries collapsed,
then "Get started" is the second item the reader sees. I do not think that
is too big of a hurdle to jump over.

On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 1:19 PM, Alex Harui <>

> Hi Andrew,
> Thanks for doing this.  I'm wondering if we should have a "Getting
> Started" before "Features and Concepts".  I would like to see us emphasize
> the Express components more going forward, which may reduce the emphasis
> on PAYG for the newbie.  PAYG is important to the framework developers in
> order to provide the app developer with more ways to tune their app, but
> only if they need it.  I'd like to see the doc lead you to downloading
> Royale and getting some app up and running in, say, 10 minutes.
> I hope to spend some time on the doc over the next few days or more, so I
> will keep this proposal in mind as we explore how to implement the doc.
> Thanks,
> -Alex
> On 1/19/18, 7:38 AM, "Andrew Wetmore" <> wrote:
> >Hi, all:
> >
> >I have started to outline the sort of table of contents for Royale user
> >documentation that I as a non-expert developer would want to see. I would
> >want the ToC to lead me to information that will help me both migrate
> >existing Flex projects to Royale and create new projects within the Royale
> >ecosystem.
> >
> >The outline is in this Google Doc:
> >
> >
> gpCKXgcZHlnycNSeTGw%2Fedi
> >t%3Fusp%3Dsharing&
> 7C1861f488d46a4134ce4f
> >08d55f52a21a%7Cfa7b1b5a7b34438794aed2c178decee1%7C0%7C0%
> 7C6365197308688271
> >31&sdata=3BswQuSRfgKvk7rZX83CXTRJsFhA7SEDWSlFQHkLIrM%3D&reserved=0
> >
> >If you use that link you should have editor privileges for the document.
> >
> >I am fairly confident about the contents of the first column. I have not
> >completed building out the second and third columns, but I think you can
> >get a sense of what you might see as you drill down into the help docs.
> >
> >I am really good at organizing this sort of stuff and at helping explain
> >complex concepts clearly. However, I probably have the least technical
> >knowledge of anybody reading this thread, so my role must be in support
> >rather than as a first-level knowledge source.
> >
> >I will continue building out the second and third columns, but feel free
> >to
> >pitch in. If you want to suggest things rather than make an edit, adding
> >comments to the document might be the best way. You can also change from
> >"edit" to "suggest" mode if you want your changes to be provisional and
> >highlighted.
> >
> >a
> >--
> >Andrew Wetmore
> >
> >
> .
> >
> 7C1861f488d46a4134ce4f08
> >d55f52a21a%7Cfa7b1b5a7b34438794aed2c178decee1%7C0%7C0%
> 7C636519730868827131
> >&sdata=B%2FnPo%2FH6U8AnuJlynjU%2B3eKHfgKu%2B3fhOkmENjwjIy4%3D&reserved=0

Andrew Wetmore

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