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From Andrew Wetmore <>
Subject Re: Proposed table of contents for Royale help documentation
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2018 11:33:25 GMT

Yes, I feel like a real committer now.

I am going to migrate some material from the FlexJS documentation to see
what that experience is like. I am going to draw from "Overview" [1]
to populate both "High level view" and the third-level "Migrate from Flex"
under "Create an application".

I have added a note about the "front matter" to the README file.

Will take a look at your changes to the ToC structure before adding other
page entries.

This is fun!


On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 3:50 AM, Alex Harui <>

> Hi Andrew,
> Looks like your commit privileges are working.
> I think we need to coordinate so we don't step on each others toes.  I'm
> thinking I will add a bit to Features and Concepts so it links to its
> children (AS3, MXML, PAYG, Strand and Beads) so I can make sure the
> third-level of the TOC works, then move on to Create An Application as
> that's where I want to spend more time building out some sort of app "in
> 10 minutes".  Ideas for what to put in that app are welcome from anybody.
> I don't want it to just be "Hello World".  Maybe hit the network or a JSON
> file.  Or maybe I'll spend some time on ASDoc instead and come back to
> this later.
> Couple of other things:
> I reviewed your commits.  All .MD files need the "Front Matter".  See one
> of the .MD files I did and copy and modify the first lines with the dashed
> lines.  See Jekyll doc to understand it better.
> I just pushed a significant change to the pattern for new TOC entries in
> docpage.html so please sync up before making more changes to that file.
> The main Welcome page is currently in, not in Welcome/
> The TOC does not point to Welcome/index.html.  I'm not sure that's right
> so we might need to tweak how that works.  A related issue is that I think
> you wanted only the top-level TOC items visible when you first landed at
> the doc, but that means that clicking on a TOC link doesn't expand to show
> child pages in the TOC, otherwise the Welcome would be expanded and show
> High Level and Features and push Get Started further down.  If we do have
> a different /index.html as the landing page and Welcome in the TOC opens
> Welcome/index.html, then we can have clicking a TOC link show the child
> pages in the TOC.
> Another thing on my to-do list is to figure out how to use media query to
> hide the TOC behind a menu button when the screen isn't wide enough.  Not
> sure how important that is at this time.
> Thoughts?
> -Alex

Andrew Wetmore

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