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From piotrz <>
Subject Re: [Royale] ICollectionView
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2018 23:03:36 GMT
Hi Peter,

I just started to use your classes on DataGrid and in my examples they are
not working. Something is wrong with assigning CSS style to DataGridColumn.

I have following structure [1] and CSS. This css is in separate file. In the
main applications file I have simply: <fx:Style

After compilation I see that class="userList" is being assigned to main Div
of DataGrid. For the column divs I see only: class="first
DataGridColumnList". In DataGridExample there is for the the column:
class="DynamicGridColumn DataGridColumnList".

My Grid After compilation:

Grid from DataGridExample:

I haven't try more things, but maybe Panel messing up with something ? I
will be trying some ideas and scenarios tomorrow.


Thanks, Piotr

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