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From Olaf Krueger <>
Subject Developer experience / compilation process
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2018 07:20:56 GMT
I am curious about others experience regarding your developer experience:

What I am doing all the time in a loop is changing a bit of the code,
compiling, waiting..., checking the output, next iteration.
BTW, this is the same with Flex but because I am less experienced with
Royale I need to compile a bit more.

If I remember it corrrectly the compilation process was already optimized in
the past so I wonder if there's still potential to improve it or if there
are basically other possibilities to get a faster result.
(I also remember that Alex had worked on a Live editor POC which was

I know there are tons of other tasks at the moment so for now, I am still
interested what your experience is or if somebody has tips or ideas how to
improve this 'workflow'.


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