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From Piotr Zarzycki <>
Subject Re: Royale and Websites (was Re: About website actual work in progress)
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2017 10:30:03 GMT
Hi Alex,

+1 for point 1. I think we don't have to wait for the NPM if we go to with
your IDEA. Let's see what Carlos will say.

I do also agree with you that we should slowly start create replacement in
Royale of our website.

Thanks, Piotr

2017-12-29 9:04 GMT+01:00 Alex Harui <>:

> Couple of thoughts:
> 1) Should we alter what Carlos has in some way so that we can put a copy
> of it up on royale.a.o now and update it again after the first Royale
> release?  I would rather have a nicer site now that has links to useful
> things.  If a better site can bring in more folks between now and the
> release, that would be worth it to me.  Right now what is on royale.a.o is
> not attractive.  For example, if we're concerned about the "NPM" section
> not being final, can we grey it out and overlay just that section with a
> "Coming Soon..." stamp?
> 2) If we plan to use Royale to generate the site "some day", I think we
> should be investing bits of time now to try to replicate it with MXML.  My
> logic is that the version we generate from MXML probably has to be fully
> ALv2 compatible, and in trying to emulate what Carlos has, I found that
> there might be an issue with using ET-Line fonts.  If we can't use ET-Line
> in the MXML version, maybe we shouldn't use it in Carlos's version as then
> it will look different the day we want to cut over to the MXML version.
> I'm still not clear on where the line is between the Theme and Content,
> but if the choice of fonts and colors are not part of the theme it would
> be nice to know what those are so they can be plugged into the MXML
> example, and if other fonts are not ALv2 (or System Fonts) we need to make
> sure we have a good reason to use those fonts.
> My 2 cents,
> -Alex
> On 12/22/17, 3:32 AM, " on behalf of Carlos Rovira"
> < on behalf of> wrote:
> >Hi Alex,
> >
> >Many things to cover here, I agree with some and not with others:
> >
> >* About the MXML initiative to search a way for more productive HTML
> >layouts, that's very cool.
> >* The repetition in HTML as you said is so cumbersome. The way Flex always
> >handled that was through components, dataproviders, item renderers, and
> >so
> >on. That's what I expect from flex if I want to use it to make an app or
> >website.
> >* -Is this useful? Totally , Is what this project is about and for that
> >reason in MDL set Piotr and I was searching for tablet or list component
> >that use data provider, itemrenderer, etc.. without that royale lost its
> >value and other solutions like Angular or React what we can
> >offer
> >in the end!
> >* About creating website in this way: We are not there yet, and moreover,
> >people like me don't want that right now. We need a usable UI Set as our
> >first need to enter Royale. This is IMHO critical to understand and we
> >should focus on that to allow people get interest in royale. We need
> >Button, List, Slider, DropBox and more working as a flex component with
> >ease to change style with theming, forms, validations and more. I think
> >that is more important since is what we'll make people join us.
> > About website: We are not waiting anything more for infra. We have green
> >light to publish the actual website. Right now the reason is not published
> >yet is: 1) the need of a Royale first release to update the actual info to
> >match the final versions (to avoid users confusion) and 2) but not as
> >important end content for home and feature pages.
> >* About page speed: You all know that actual WP site is not for
> >production,
> >we will click and export button and we'll get the static and faster site
> >with same look and feel and anims we have right now, and that static
> >html+js+css code will be pushed to
> >
> >All of you that have admin access to the WP instance in codeoscopic can
> >try
> >to push the button to generate the actual static site and check the faster
> >performance:
> >Go to "Simply Static" > "Generate" and push "Generate Static Files"
> >button.
> >And you'll get the static version, that's all.
> >
> >As I said hope to come back with a re-read of the thread.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >Carlos
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >2017-12-22 11:56 GMT+01:00 yishayw <>:
> >
> >> I also think this is a great initiative. Regarding SEO there are some
> >> optimizations that can be applied to single page apps as well so maybe
> >>it's
> >> worth testing that before we convert it to a multipage. I'm not in
> >>front of
> >> the computer but when I am I'll share the links I read, if there's
> >>interest
> >> in that.
> >>
> >>
> >>
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Piotr Zarzycki

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