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Subject [royale-docs] branch develop updated: Create
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2018 18:56:42 GMT
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commit 560ccd8115522d19a9e56f769b40998346f4c7e4
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AuthorDate: Wed Jan 24 14:56:40 2018 -0400

    Added text, but have not yet added links to other pages in the doc structure.
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diff --git a/Welcome/create-an-application/migrate-an-existing-app/ b/Welcome/create-an-application/migrate-an-existing-app/
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+layout: docpage
+title: migrate-from-flex
+<!-- This is from material created by Peter Ent and modified by Tom Chiverton:
+<!-- I have not added links to other pages, or to other sites, yet -->
+# Migrate from Flex
+If you have developed applications using Apache Flex, or Adobe Flex before it, your application
probably combines MXML and ActionScript files along with resources like images and audio files,
and some of the MXML files have <fx:Script> tags with ActionScript snippets in them.
If that is the case, you will find yourself at home working with Apache Royale. The big difference
is not so much the code you use, but the output and what it needs to run properly.
+It is not yet possible to just import an existing Flex application into Apache Royale and
then produce output in JavaScript that will run almost anywhere. However, you may need to
do less hands-on conversion than you think to get to where you can produce your application,
transpiled to JavaScript, through Royale.
+ActionScript syntax is the same for Royale as it was in Flex. Functions, loops, classes,
and properties will work as they worked before.
+Your "business logic", which you built all or mainly in ActionScript, probably does not need
to change. 
+Components and their functions that do not rely on Apache Flex or Adobe Flash features will
probably work with minor tweaks.
+Where the changes need to happen is in the MXML files. You built your user interface using
Spark and MX components--containers, controls, and so on. All those components will need to
migrate to their Royale equivalents. You will find some differences between the components
you used and the ones you now have available, and not all Flex components have equivalents
in Royale yet.
+One big change you will notice right away is that the default Royale UI components come with
a basic set of functions, but not with the full range of behaviors that was loaded into every
single Flex UI component whether it needed it or not. To get exactly the behavior your application
needs from a data display or an input field, you may need to add "beads" to the basic Royale
component. For example, to provide a field where the user can enter a password, you need to
take the basic Royale [...]
+*link to Development tools page goes here...*

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