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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] TightBlog 3.0 released!
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2018 22:46:13 GMT

My third annual release.  TightBlog is a bottom-to-(nearly)-top rewrite 
of Apache Roller, featuring a greatly modernized and streamlined source 
code base (Java class files dropped from ~493 in Roller 5.1 to 119 in 
TB3) and data model (33 database tables with Roller to just 12 with 
TB3.)  It is presently used to power my own blog at

TightBlog 3.0's highlights are a switch from Velocity to Thymeleaf for 
blog templates, better Tag and Category statistics and management, as 
well as the option to use Google Authenticator for two factor 
authentication to log into your blog (enabled by default).  Please see 
the README ( 
for new functionality TightBlog has added since branching off from 
Roller in 2015 (please note though that much low/no demand functionality 
in Roller has been removed from TB, so good to run the demo locally as 
given in the README to determine if TB meets your needs).

This is a Roller list, so any deployment questions, etc., please create 
a GitHub issue at or contact me at 
gmazza at apache dot org.

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