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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: 5.1 initial experiences
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2014 01:53:23 GMT

On 08/28/2014 09:02 PM, Tamas Balazs wrote:
> I updated my 5.04 installation to 5.1. Probably I haven’t done it to 
> the right way as there were few issues such as:

If you're just starting out, or have only a few pages/blog entries, it 
may be better to start with a clean 5.1 install and forget about 5.0.4, 
or just manually move over what you created.

> -Templates looked a bit confused. I had a brief look in facuxcoly and 
> it seemed broken – other templates seemed out of order a bit, but 
> haven’t investigated further – plus Sotto has never worked for me even 
> in 5.04.

The theme.xml's in each theme have undergone a change (specifically, and would need to 
be updated for 5.1.  (All the Roller themes in roller extras have been 
updated to 5.1 format:, the 
install guide says how to add them in basically, just add them to 
webapps/themes folder of the Roller WAR.

Sotto and Brushed Metal are gone in 5.1, they've been moved to 
roller-extras.  Instead of maintaining many different themes based on 
appearance within Roller trunk -- which ends up bogging the team down 
with busywork and driving away volunteers -- we're trying to move to 
just a minimal set of themes that each demonstrate a specific 
functionality or technology in creating themes, and then letting users 
create their own themes based our examples or importing what they want 
from roller-extras.  Fauxcoly is planned on being recreated using Zurb 
Foundation, but hasn't been done yet. (It should work OOTB though.)

> -After swapping a pre-added template it did not got reflected on the 
> blog – I had to restart tomcat to see the changes.

I'm not sure what "swapping" means in this context.  I think there's an 
auto-refresh option for templates configurable in  I've never had a need to use or test it though.

> -One of my blog suddenly started to lose its URL structure thus giving 
> me 404. Something like has become 
> This was not fun at all, so I 
> rolled everything back to 5.04.

Perhaps you did not make "test" your default blog in 5.1, which would 
have removed the need for one of those "test"s in the URL. That said, 
such a setting should have stayed with the database migration.  5.04 
will work (at least until the next security advisory of one of its 
dependencies) but is architecturally a dead end.

> When I did the update the database update section stalled too – had 
> the initial log screen dump saying what is going on in the DB  then it 
> stalled. After closing the browser window and restart it again it 
> seemed everything is ok.

We tested the automated 5.0.4 --> 5.1 migration several times with both 
MySQL and Derby, no problems.  Per section 10.2 in the install guide, if 
you did a manual database migration, however, some changes to the SQL 
script are necessary as described in that section.

> Well, this is my experience. Hope this helps

Thanks for the candid feedback.


> Tamas
> Tamas Balazs
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