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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: Change in archive structure
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2013 01:33:23 GMT
Yes, enter a JIRA and attach a patch (svn diff -u > myPatch.patch will do).


On 12/09/2013 03:47 AM, Gaurav wrote:
> Hello Glen,
> Actually, you are right about the importance of this, as users usually 
> searchby date for any blog, unless you are blogging about a particular 
> topic on a certain day of the week.
> I was also thinking about the tree structure in side menu, rather than 
> a page. I can contribute to this and make a new macro so, user can 
> include that in their side menu. Just want to know what steps I have 
> to follow to add this enhancement/patch to Roller. Do I have to file 
> any JIRA ? Can you please guide me into this.
> Thanks
> Gaurav
> On Saturday 07 December 2013 07:20 AM, Glen Mazza wrote:
>> Hmm, I might argue that the date a blog article is posted is of 
>> secondary importance to its content, e.g., I group my blog entries by 
>> subject:, date 
>> is largely irrelevant.  Wouldn't your tree view be more useful if it 
>> was broken up by category and blog articles underneath instead of by 
>> dates?
>> Another problem with emphasizing dates is that they make blogs look 
>> obsolete more quickly, because sometimes months go by at a time 
>> before someone blogs again, and a date archive then makes the blog 
>> look inactive.  Having lists by category gives a blog a much longer 
>> shelf life, and doesn't "punish" a blogger who maintains his older 
>> entries instead of just entering in new entries.
>> The blog archive page is probably seldom used today (you may be 
>> better off removing it), the tree view you're contemplating might be 
>> better in a side menu of a blog (just like here: 
>> [1]).  A macro that would provide the 
>> data allowing something like [1] to be constructed would be a nice 
>> enhancement to Roller (but, actually, we may already be able to 
>> support that--I'm not sure.)  Patches to Roller JIRA welcome.
>> The current archive page *could* be useful if you're always blogging 
>> about a particular topic on a certain day of the week. If Wednesdays 
>> you're always blogging about X and Fridays always Y a calendar view 
>> does a better job of allowing someone to get to all "X" or "Y" 
>> articles better than the tree view in [1].
>> Regards,
>> Glen
>> On 12/06/2013 08:45 AM, Gaurav wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> The archives which are now show as in calender. There are some 
>>> shortcoming of that is we can't see the whole list of blogs month 
>>> and year wise.
>>> There can have some sort of tree structure or we can have some 
>>> different macro, so we can redesign the archives page as user want.
>>> Tree Structure
>>> >2013
>>>     >Jan
>>>         >Blog1
>>>         >Blog2
>>>     >March
>>> >2013
>>>     >April
>>>         >Blg4
>>> Thanks
>>> Gaurav

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