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From nicolas muller <>
Subject Re: Inspiration // News blogs powered with Roller
Date Tue, 14 May 2013 16:18:51 GMT
@Shelan : We use twitter bootstrap to have a modern look and feel. Thanks
for your work about mobile theme. It was an option to migrate to 5 if the
customer chose two design rather than responsive. Finally it is easier to
design Bootstrap than JqMobile.

@Glen : No problem to add references to these blogs. I didn't see the jira
but it is easier for me too to deliver a patch.
I am right with the three problem and I think you are right to label this
functionnality as experimental.

Thanks to everyone !

2013/5/14 Glen Mazza <>

> Gosh those blogs look great -- I just created a RollerUsers page:
your blogs (if you don't mind) to advertise Roller's
> capabilities, and welcome others to add their blogs.
> Please work from Roller trunk (not 5.0, but the source codes are nearly
> identical) and if you can submit patches using SVN and JIRA (our Git is
> read-only) that would be easier for us to look at.  We already have a JIRA
> item you can apply the patch item to:**
> jira/browse/ROL-706 <>.  The
> proposed change, while nice, may have three problems: (1) the solution will
> need to be database-neutral so it may take awhile before we can apply such
> a patch (we may never be able to do so, but it would at least be able to
> have the patch ready)--that said, I suspect Roller supports too many
> databases making it crippling to provide additional database functionality,
> those that obligate us to have to use a specific OS--specifically, MS
> SqlServer--may need to be first on the chopping block but I digress; (2)
> the developers most knowledgeable about the source are quite busy so may
> not have time to get to it, (3) adding this additional functionality could
> open up a can of worms (lots of bugs and complaints about lost files, etc.,
> early on)  We might be able to label this functionality as experimental/new
> as a warning to those trying it.
> Thanks,
> Glen
> On 05/14/2013 08:34 AM, nicolas muller wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We sent a new series of blogs built with Roller :-) We speak about
>> financial and legacy for private banking.
>> In french you will have :
>>**fre/ <>
>> http://www.femmesetpatrimoine.**lu/femmes/<>
>> http://www.****actualites/<>
>> In English you will have :
>>**eng/ <>
>> http://www.****news/<>
>> It exists translation for dutch, german and spanish too.
>> I allow himself to post onto these two mailing list because I will explain
>> a few things how to do it. I think you like the products else you should
>> not use it.
>> We need to modify the source code to be able to display list articles and
>> themes macro to keep the day information. In our case, it is not usefull
>> to
>> have list of posts by day. The themes use responsiv design concepts so we
>> can be displayed nicely on iphone/android and tabs.
>> The most important thing to understand is our use of category. We created
>> severals categories as news, ads, events... ant each category  is used to
>> display informations into an area of the page. The left main panel (with
>> pagination) is only news category. On the right sidebar, we will have
>> advertisement, events, archives... It is very different concept than
>> classic use into Roller. In the same page we display numerous categories
>> rather than filtering with them. It is a powerfull system to build complex
>> page but very easily. It is easy for publisher to choose how to display
>> the
>> post ^^ You can imagine we have modified macro for that. Therefore it is
>> not too hard to do it.
>> Moreever, we create a page for generating newsletter (using tags
>> associated
>> with posts)
>> NL_2013_03_01<>
>> So we can send via email outlook or sarbacane (or mailchimp) the whole
>> page
>> :-)
>> Another great but more complicated things we did is to display posts into
>> other blogs to keep duplication of articles
>> http://www.****news/<>
>> This blog "news" has own posts and display too posts from guywagnerblog.
>> It
>> is possible because we hack tags methods and we have rules to name tags.
>> I hope the design is nice for you too. We try to do beautiful things
>> (similar size, width) to be homogeneous between spaces.
>> I am trying to work onto roller 5 and in few days I will post into github
>> the source code to store resources media into database. For replication
>> between servers we could not use the filesystem so we had this feature. I
>> hesitate to use elasticsearch rather than database for our migration. See
>> you soon.
>> Sorry for my bad speaking english. I am french :)
>> Best regards,

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