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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Design help
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2012 20:23:36 GMT
On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 9:02 AM, Chalupa, Leroy T CTR USAF AFWA AFWA
/SEMS <> wrote:
> Hello. I'm a Java Developer.  I'm new to Roller and to blogs in general.
> I'm considering getting involved with the development of Roller.  That decision comes
> After I get up to speed on the application and the project.
> Today I'm looking for some feedback on how to design an application using Roller 5.0.
> Here are some details.  I plan to have a full-blown java web application deployed for
the public's use.  This public site will use a database.
> One of the sections of this website will be a news page.  The content of this news page
will be one or more
> Weblogs that are created and published from the Roller application. So an author will
use the Roller site to create, edit, and publish the blog.  When a user of the public site
clicks on the news page, they will see the latest information from the Roller site.
> So what is the best way to design this interaction between Roller and the public web

Don't know what your requirements are so I can't say what is the best
way, but the easiest way would be to deploy Roller separately (e.g. and then, within your existing website (e.g. display a feed entries from one Roller blog, or an
aggregated feed from the main page of the Roller site (via RSS/Atom).
Users could then click through to get to individual blogs, individual
blog entries and see comments directly in Roller (i.e. on

- Dave

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