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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject (Roller 3.1) Creating blog entry-specific description meta tags
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2012 22:59:28 GMT
Hi, my blog is hosted on JRoller so I'm using Roller 3.1.  For URLs 
which point directly to a specific blog entry (such as here:, instead of 
a day, month, or category, etc.), I'd like to alter the <title> and 
<meta name="description"/> tags in the HTML <head> part to increase hits 
while Googling and also to make the Google title and description more 
relevant for the blog posting.  I got the former done fine in the 
"header" template but am having problems with the latter:

#if ($model.permalink == false)
<meta name="description" content="#showWebsiteDescription()">
<title>$model.weblogEntry.title | #showWebsiteTitle()</title>
<!--meta name="description" content="$model.weblogEntry.????"-->

<title> works great now, but description is difficult, I don't know what 
if anything I can place in that "????" above.  Within each blog entry, 
I'd like to have a field where I can put in the description blurb ("This 
blog entry shows you blah blah blah...") that the above template would 
read in.

Any ideas for Roller 3.1?  If not, has this been solved in Roller 4.0 or 
5.0?  I can put in an enhancement request if it's not already available.


Glen Mazza
Talend Community Coders

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