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From Michael Müller <>
Subject multilanguage blog / roller 5
Date Sat, 14 May 2011 21:01:24 GMT
Hello together,

I checked the multilanguage box and wrote some articles in different 
All articles had been available in my blog. Next, I checked "publish in 
blog language" and only those articles in the desired language would be 
displayed supressing all others. I created a new blog in an other 
langage. Non articles of my first blog are available, even though I 
wrote some in the language of the new blog. By now, I don't understand 
the intention of these multilingual boxes.

Why does it make sense to create articles in different langagues and 
then hide all wich are not of the language I set up in my blog? How to 
dislay the other languages?

What I like to do is to write articles in different languages and then 
select (display) only articles of the language the user (not the owener 
of the blog) has choosen. E.g. a user from the UK or US may get English 
articles whilst a user of Germany gets German articles. Much better 
would be to link articles together, saying this is the same content, but 
a different language.

By now, I have the ability to realise this using word press (e.g.

which is part of my English/German JSF tutorial). Is ther any way to 
realise such a behavior with roller as is? Or do I have to modify the code?



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