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From "Peter Evans" <>
Subject rc5 versus windows live writer
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 03:02:56 GMT
Note: could be pilot error, the pilot doesn't know what he is doing.

1 - installed windows live writer 2011 (this is W7)
2 - added a blog account, let it decide what it was.
    under pictures in Blog options, "blog service"

Y    post draft to server
Y    file upload
N    extended entries
Y    custom publish date
Y    update publish date
Y    categories
Y    categories inline
Y    multiple categories
N    hierarchical categories
N    new categories
N    new categories inline
-    category scheme
N    keywords
N    keyword retrieval
N    comment policy
N    trackback policy
N    author
N    slug
N    password
N    excerpt
N    send trackbacks
N    pages
N    page parent
N    page order
Y    HTML titles
Y    Empty titles
?    scripts
?    embeds

Normal    Default View
utf-8    Encoding

N    requires XHTML
N    template is right-to-left
-    category name limit
Y    auto-update
-    title length limit

3 - create a simple post "test"  OK

4 - try to create a post with an image
        post creates ok, with a place holder for the image, but I see no 
        And this is where it might be pilot error, looking in the access log 
I see no attempt to upload an image
    (it's 155kb) All I see are a few

"" "NULL-AUTH-USER" "06/Apr/2011:11:34:29 +0900" "POST 
/roller/roller-services/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 200 408
"" "NULL-AUTH-USER" "06/Apr/2011:11:34:47 +0900" "POST 
/roller/roller-services/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 200 866
"" "NULL-AUTH-USER" "06/Apr/2011:11:34:47 +0900" "POST 
/roller/roller-services/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 200 1607
"" "NULL-AUTH-USER" "06/Apr/2011:11:34:47 +0900" "POST 
/roller/roller-services/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 200 411
"" "NULL-AUTH-USER" "06/Apr/2011:11:35:07 +0900" "POST 
/roller/roller-services/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 200 411
"" "NULL-AUTH-USER" "06/Apr/2011:11:49:41 +0900" "POST 
/roller/roller-services/xmlrpc HTTP/1.1" 200 411

    how does image upload work?

5 - additionally, if you try to republish something.

Server Error 0 Occurred

Failed to invoke method editPost in class 
org.apache.roller.weblogger.webservices.xmlrpc.MetaWeblogAPIHandler: 0

    maybe that is also "pilot is an idiot and shouldn't even be allowed to 
fly a toy train set."


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