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From "Peter Evans" <>
Subject Re: rc5 versus windows live writer
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 07:26:21 GMT
I just realized, I tested Live Writer with AtomPub and not MetaWeblog, so please 
try AtomPub instead and I'll try LW with MetaWeblog and see if I can reproduce 
those errors.

    Not actually sure how to do that. There's no "use atompub" switch that I can 

    I can't disable blogger / metaweblog API because WLW blows up with

    "Can't connect to your blog service:
    problem with the blog server - server error 0 occurred
    weblog does not exist or XML-RPC disabled in web.
    Please try fixing the problem and then try again"

    There doesn't appear to be a difference in the capabilities according to WLW 
    or not I have "Enable Atom Publishing Protocol" on or not.

    If I turn off "weblog client api" for that blog, then it will ask me for a
    If I feed in http://mysite/roller/roller-services/app
    it tells me I have two blogs,  one and / mediafiles (I selected the first 
    attempting to publish an image causes WLW to throw a wobbly saying it can't 
do that.

    did I do something wrong?


File Upload Not Supported - File uploading is not supported by this blog. Please 
configure file uploading for this blog before attempting to publish posts with 
attached pictures or files.
path, Boolean allowWriteStreamBuffering, String& srcUrl, String& editMediaUri, 
String& editEntryUri)


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