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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Roller 5.0 - multiple domain URLs [success]
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 12:34:13 GMT
Glad to hear you made some progress!

More comments below...

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 9:52 PM, Christopher Dodunski
<> wrote:
> I'm pleased to report that, after much perseverance, Roller appears
> (mostly) to be running correctly on my web server.  Importantly, the
> multi-domain feature is working, and this is with Tomcat/Roller operating
> behind an Apache HTTP (proxy) server.  This is made possible thanks to the
> Apache mod_proxy module.
> My Roller installation is hosting the following six blogs:
> weblog.absoluteurl.optomus=
> weblog.absoluteurl.bread=
> weblog.absoluteurl.capereinga=
> weblog.absoluteurl.doubtlessbay=
> weblog.absoluteurl.christopher=
> weblog.absoluteurl.isaac=
> Three of the above are working correctly; three are not.  Roller is
> running from webapps/ROOT context.
> **Case 1**
> These are working correctly, but I'm unclear as to why it is necessary to
> add the handle name to the end of the URL.  Ideally, one should arrive at
> capereinga blog via  I would expect Roller
> to locate in the header of the incoming HTTP request
> packet, and serve up the correct blog by way of the associated
> 'weblog.absoluteurl' directive.  Instead,
> serves up the default (optomus) blog page.

Yes, this is a drawback of the multi-domain setup as it stands in 5.0.

> Here are the mod_proxy directives for the above three domains:
> ProxyPass / ajp://
> ProxyPassReverse / ajp://
> **Case 2**
> These are not working correctly.  Tomcat is responding with the output
> from a Servlet not even belonging to Roller.  This is due to the fact that
> I happen to have web applications under webapps/optomus and
> webapps/christopher.  Maybe a Tomcat configurational change would re route
> these.

Yes, that or an HTTPD config change.

> **Case 3**
> Really, this blog can be counted under case 1 above.  Except that the
> mod_proxy directive is set to:
> ProxyPass / ajp://
> ProxyPassReverse / ajp://
> I hoped this would allow me to use, without the
> blog handle at the end.  It does, but, unfortunately, also produces the
> original problem of bad URLs inside the HTML.  For example, CSS is not
> located and loaded.
> So, although Roller is now multi-domain functional, certain problems
> persist.  I'm not yet at the stage of producing a Roller HOWTO that would
> give consistent, satisfactory results for those running Roller behind an
> Apache HTTP proxy server.

That would be a wonderful thing and I'd be happy to help!


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