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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Conflicting internationalisation in roller UI
Date Sat, 04 Sep 2010 16:49:58 GMT
It appears that, if there is no locale specified in the blog URL then
the locale of the weblog is used in the CalendarTag. What locale is
specified for the English weblog?

- Dave

On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 11:14 AM, Henning Brune
<> wrote:
> Hello,
> we are running a roller 4.0.1 installation with several blogs in
> german language. Now we started the first blog in english and face the
> problem of some texts not beeing translated. An example is the
> calendar as you can see in the screenshot. The day names are in
> english as expected, but the link 'today' is still in german
> ('heute'). After taking a look into the source code it seems as if in
> this case the locale is taken from the VM ( and not
> from the blog settings. Probably this is a similar problem as
> described here:
> We don't need a perfect solution, but a hint on how to circumvent this
> would be great!
> Best regards,
> Henning

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