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From "Williams, David A." <david.willi...@USPTO.GOV>
Subject preview or template question
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:01:18 GMT
	We're setting up a roller blog for operating status; we have two flavors: current and planned.
 I have defined the two as categories, changed the settings to display only one entry on the
main page and added this in the template to show one current and one planned entry:

<h2 class="section-title">Current Status</h2>
        ## show next/previous paging controls
        #set($current_status = $model.getWeblogEntriesPager("Current Status"))
        ## show entries

<h2 class="section-title">Planned Events</h2>
        ## show next/previous paging controls
        #set($planned_events = $model.getWeblogEntriesPager("Planned Events")) 
        ## show entries

	This is working just fine; however, when Full Preview is selected by an author, the entry
to be previewed appears under both headings (Current and Planned).
	Is there a better approach for what I'm trying?  Is there a simple way to make preview match
my expectation (the entry being previewed appears under the correct heading with either the
current entry for the other category or no entry for the other category)?
	Thanks for any pointers anyone can offer,

David Williams
IT Specialist
Information Management Services 
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office 
Madison West, 4D35
Alexandria, VA 22314

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