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From Christopher Blasnik <>
Subject Weblog tagcloud / performance
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 13:23:09 GMT
Hello all,

I would need some opions / info on the performance of tagcloud queries:
Everyone surely is familiar with the call to


in order to create a tagcloud.

The actual logic is done in velocity, and getPopularTags issues a DB query.

Here are my questions:
- Is this fast enough for sites with a lot of traffic && a lot of tags?
- Is there any caching involved for the tag queries (looks like there 
isn't, but it is very likely that I've overlooked something obvious)?
- If there's no caching, would you recommend to move the tag-cloud query 
to a cached object  (again, for a high-traffic site)?
  [This would be needed for a site with lots of tags AND lots of 
traffic. My suggestion would be to cache / flush the cache of  tags once 
per day]

- Chris

Christopher Blasnik
UCS - unique computing solutions gmbh
Löwengasse 2/8
A-1030 Vienna, Austria

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