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From Anil Gangolli <>
Subject Re: caching
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 15:17:21 GMT

Tomcat caches static content, which means that the content is already in 
its deliverable form in a file.

Roller caches the results of dynamically building the web pages that you 
see.  Tomcat does not cache this for us.

Both Tomcat's cache and Roller's cache are in-memory caches.  

What you see in Tomcat's work dir is not the content of either cache.  
What you will see there is the result of the JSP compilations for the 
JSP pages.  The servlet container compiles JSPs to servlet classes.  
Tomcat keeps the class files that result from this compilation in the 
work dir.


Horatia wrote:
> ...i.e. roller caches "browser readable static content".
> Is there a transformation from roller cache to tomcat workdir?
> Horatia

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