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From "Werner Gaulke" <>
Subject AW: Roller 5.0 Multi Domain Setup with or without mod_jk - Question
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2009 09:44:16 GMT

i've been through this document already - my problem is how to configure tomcat virtual hosts
together with the roller multidomain feature. 

I got it working, that I have a domain - that’s no problem at all. But with
multidomain support you can configure a domain as the entry point of a roller blog with a
given handle. 

For example Dave has configured weblog.absoluteurl.photophys=
With this configuration leads to the roller blog with the
handle "photophys". I want to reproduce this behavior. 

I think a example tomcat configuration would help a lot, because fiddling around with the
various virtual host parameters can be a real pain.


>Maybe this link might be of some help?
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