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From Christopher Blasnik <>
Subject Upcoming Roller 5.0 / Questions about new features
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 08:06:13 GMT
Hello all,

I am currently working on an offer for a customer to implement Roller as 
their blogging solution.

However, since we are trying to cut down development costs (this being 
an initial project) we are trying to identify
where to save time / money with respect to the features that the 
customer requires and which of those might / will be
in the next Roller release.

So, as Dave Johnson correctly pointed out to me, I direct my questions 
to this mailing list:

1.) Asset management / media managent:

Will there be a feature to configure / use external asset management 
services such as Amazon S3, or any ftp server of one's choice?
I noticed a few gui updates concerning media files in the blog-entry 
comment pages, however, they only featured the ability to upload files 
to the roller db.

2.) Will you include social bookmarking by default?
i.e. add a template / component having social bookmarking links

3.) Word-blacklist
Atm this is a hard-coded file (for the default settings) which, if 
conditions apply, will prevent a comment from being shown.
- Will there be a feature to have the comment uploaded and obfuscate / 
grey-out words on the blacklist?
- Will the hardcoded sample file be moved into the roller db?

One question regarding the current implementation: If there's a 
blacklist configured for a blog, will it completely disregard the sample 

4.) Are there any plans to include simple templates for mobile devices, 
e.g. BlackBerries (I saw the post on the Iphone- google thing on Dave's 
blog, btw ;-) ?

5.) Will it be possible to make "replies" to comments? I.e. display 
comments in a hierarchical way?

6.) Are there any plans to include "personal messages" (i.e. any blog 
user can write a personal message to a blog owner --> all done via 
roller, no mail involved)?

7.) Plugins:
Will there be any plugins for ...
- ... rating a blog post
- ... displaying a blogroll / blog topics according to their ratings
- ... polls ?

8.) The IP ban list ist not part of the default file 
(.. anymore, just checked the svn sources from today).
- Will there be a way to administer the banned IPs via the backend GUI?

Cheers & thanks for your time,

- Chris Blasnik

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