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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Category per Authors and Plugins
Date Sat, 06 Jun 2009 14:17:30 GMT
On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 5:31 AM, Diana Castillo<> wrote:
> Hello people!
> I've recently discovered Apache Roller, and it's great the work you've
> done with it.
> I've got a few questions though, specially a couple:
> Is there any way one can have a category to mach the users? I've
> managed to get the users name but not a list of their posts.
> Any idea, guys?

Did you try this one:

Pager getWeblogEntriesPager(Weblog weblog, User user, String category,
int sinceDays, int max)
Get pager that returns WeblogEntry objects from one specific weblog
and category. Will only return
entries created in last sinceDays number of days and never more than max items.

(from section 8.1.2 of template authors guide)

> The code is the following:
> #set ($authors = $site.getWeblogsUsers("blog"))
> <ul class="rAuthors">
> #foreach ($author in $authors)
>  <li><a href="#">$author.fullName - $author.userName</a></li>
> #end
> </ul>
> On the other hand, I've been searching for plugins made for Roller,
> but I have not found any. Does any of you know which ones are there,
> if there are any?

There are some here and that's just about it.

Roller really doesn't have very many plugins and doesn't really have a
plugin management sytem, but it is relatively easy for a Java
programmer to plugin to Roller. Here are the different types of

- Dave

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