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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Build Problems Beyond My Ken
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2009 12:32:22 GMT
On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 8:15 PM, Terry Corbet <> wrote:
> Thanks for following up.  When I had had no reply to that request, I
> unsubscribed here and subscribed to the dev mail list -- not sure
> where I needed to be.
> So, just to close this out this thread for whatever value it may
> provide for others:
>   a.  Instead of taking my source from svn trunk, I went to the
> download package that you provide.
>   b.  The substantial -- more than mere refactoring -- differences
> between the two sets of code, nominally only a couple of weeks apart,
> lead me to believe that I was in no way prepared for whatever degree
> of dynamic changes are on-going.

The most recent release, 4.0.1 was created from the Roller 4.0 branch,
which has remained unchanged except for several dozen small bug fixes
since the original 4.0 release in December 2007.

The trunk is very different than the 4.0 branch, mainly because of the
work we've done to make user management pluggable and to allow folks
to use plain old Servlet authentication instead of Spring Security
(aka Acegi).

>  c.  Maybe -- even probably -- the build problem I was reporting,
> was due to cockpit errors on my part.
>  d.  As reported on the dev mail list, I am able to get reliable
> 'rebuilds' out of the downloaded package -- after fixing the problems
> concerning the activation and mail jar files.  I note that in other
> email threads, you have replied that those two are problematic because
> 'you are not permitted to distribute them'.  Actually I think the
> build problem became problematic when the decision was taken to base
> builds on maven rather than just plain old simple ant.

The Roller build is based on Ant and Ant alone. The main build script
is apps/webblogger/builed.xml

There are some Maven files in the top directory of Roller source that
were added to create POMs or some such things that help folks install
on Apache Geronimo. I have never used those things.

>I am sure that
> those of you working in maven have no problem with activation and mail
> and, in fact, both jar files are found in the tools lib that you
> package for download to us.  I think a couple of minutes of testing
> the use of what you provide in the source tar with plain old simple
> ant would reveal the problem and then you could fix it for what I
> imagine to be a very large audience of folks who have no desire to buy
> off on maven, and thereby you could overcome any initial dismay that a
> potential user of Roller may get from not being able to use the tools
> that s/he uses with almost any other open source pacakge s/he may be
> trying to use to build an application solution.

Like I said, we don't use Maven for the Roller build.

- Dave

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