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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Multiple themes one instance of roller
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 13:36:10 GMT
It is not possible to have two themes for one blog, but you might be
able to use some conditional logic based on request headers to return
normal or mobile content from each template. I don't think any of
Roller's built in models return headers, so you'd need  an new model.

Another option is to add a mobile interface to Roller, I started one
based on IUI (and using Struts Actions/JSPs) -- but have not had time
to complete it. If you're interested in going this route I can
probably find time to wrap it up into a patch against trunk. Here's
what it looks like:

- Dave

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 3:41 PM, Brian Levine <> wrote:
> I already have a roller instance running, I'm interested in adding a "mobile theme" to
roller that's accessed like:
> It would be mobile device friendly.  I was thinking about using a different theme to
accomplish that, but I also would like it to run against the same roller instance.
> So, is it possible to have two themes for one instance?  Or in other words have the
same content but presented two different ways depending on the URL?
> I'm running on a shared host with limited memory available to my JVM, so running a second
instance would probably eat up too much memory.
> Has anyone tried to do this?  Is it possible?  Any thoughts are most appreciated.  Is
there some other mechanism besides themes I could use?

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