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From "Guglielmo Carandente" <>
Subject Most Commented Entries
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2008 15:51:48 GMT
Hello someone can explain me how to use getMostCommentedWeblogEntries?
I try but don't work.

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Da: Dave []
Inviato: marted́ 18 novembre 2008 13.52
Oggetto: Re: configuration explication

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 4:58 PM, Ron Peterson <>
> Could anyone explain to me the exact meaning of the following roller
> configuration options?  If there's already a help resource somewhere
> that explains these things, I'd be happy to read that instead - but I
> don't know where it is.
> cache.planet.enabled=true (this one is pretty obvious)
> cache.planet.size=10
> cache.planet.timeout=1800

That means that Roller/Planet will cache 10 planet pages, up to 1800
seconds each. This number is small because we assume you have only a
couple planet groups and most people won't click past the first page
or two.

> tasks.RefreshRollerPlanetTask.startTime=startOfHour (what are other
options here?)
> tasks.RefreshRollerPlanetTask.interval=60
> tasks.RefreshRollerPlanetTask.leaseTime=30

According to the comments the startTime "Should be one of ...
'immediate', 'startOfDay', 'startOfHour'"

The interval is in minutes, so this task runs every hour.

The leaseTime is 30 minutes, so the task has 30 minutes to complete
its work. If somebody/thing else tries to start the refresh task
before the lease expires, they won't be able to get a lease.

Hope that helps.

- Dave

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