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From Jeremy Cowgar <>
Subject Wrong username and password combination
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2008 01:46:28 GMT
I setup a Roller system on Tomcat 6.0.18. Things went OK but I am having 
two problems. Oh, I am using PostgreSQL.

#1... When a new user signs up, they get an email with a link to click 
to validate their email address. When they click that link, it takes 
them to the register page with validation errors on all the fields 
stating they must be filled in. I could never make that work. So, I 
disabled the need for email validation until I get that problem solved.

#2... Now, when a new user creates an account, it always says "Wrong 
username and password combination". I decided to try for myself and 
created a new account. Ineed, I cannot login. What's worse yet is I 
cannot login as the admin user that I setup any longer. I get the same 
error. I looked at the database and my admin username is the same 
username still. I then created a new user w/the same password as the 
admin password and compared what the database said for the two. The two 
password fields were identical leading me to think that the password for 
the admin account is correct also. The active flag was true.

Any thoughts on these two problems?


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