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From Alexander Coles <>
Subject Defensio Comment Validator Plugin
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 00:06:25 GMT

I have also begun work on a comment validator (or Spam Filtering)  
plugin, that uses the Defensio API. See

This is pretty experimental, so I haven't yet even tagged it at a  
0.0.1 release, but please give me your feedback!

You can clone the git repository, or down a tarball from here:

There are a number of limitations, the main one of which is (unlike  
some other comment validator services), the best results with Defensio  
are achieved with feedback to the service in the other direction, i.e.  
a level of training for the filter... I still need to figure out if  
its possible to make API calls back to Defensio (as false-negatives or  
false-positives) that are triggered by the appropriate actions in the  
Manage comments interface. Suggestions are welcome!

Installation instructions can be found in README.markdown. It should  
just be a matter of copying the right JAR file, adding two or three  
lines to, and presto!

Once again, feedback is really appreciated. No issue tracker just yet,  
but feel free to email.


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