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From Ryan de Laplante <>
Subject Upgraded to 4.0, can't log in anymore
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 07:02:35 GMT
I upgraded to Roller 4.0 and am able to browse my blog entries.  When I 
try to log in it tells me that I have entered a wrong username and 
password combination. I have triple checked against the rolleruser 
table, and even tried copy/pasting the fields.  Roller.log does not show 
any errors while I attempt to log in.  The last bit of log is:

INFO  2008-06-30 02:43:26,468 RendererManager:<clinit> - Renderer 
Manager Initialized.
INFO  2008-06-30 02:43:26,473 RollerVelocity:<clinit> - Initializing 
Velocity Rendering Engine
INFO  2008-06-30 02:43:26,490 ContinuousWorkerThread:run - 
HitCountQueueProcessor Started.
INFO  2008-06-30 02:43:46,765 Blacklist:<clinit> - Initializing MT Blacklist
WARN  2008-06-30 02:43:46,799 Blacklist:loadBlacklistFromFile - Couldn't 
find downloaded blacklist, loaded blacklist.txt from classpath instead
INFO  2008-06-30 02:43:46,806 Blacklist:loadBlacklistFromFile - Number 
of blacklist string rules: 3102
INFO  2008-06-30 02:43:46,807 Blacklist:loadBlacklistFromFile - Number 
of blacklist regex rules: 15

Before that it shows errors because my blog uses a theme that was not 
upgraded to 4.0 format.  I had to manually update the the database to 
use a pre-packaged template for my blog. 

What else is different?  Before I was hosting on Windows XP and Tomcat.  
Now I'm on OpenSolaris 2008.05 and GlassFish V2.


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