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From Simon Haslam <>
Subject RE: Custom theme failing even before any changes (Roller 4.0, Oracle AS/OC4J 10.1.3, Oracle 10.2 db)
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 19:07:19 GMT
--- Brian Levine <> wrote:
> This is so basic, I hope you don't find it insulting, but have you checked your tomcat
> I've gotten roller-related errors in those logs that didn't show up in roller.log.
> /B

Don't worry Brian - I'm not easily offended ;-) I'm running Roller on Oracle Application
Server/OC4J, not Tomcat, and so the main J2EE container logfile is under $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/logs.
However there's nothing being written to that file when I get the HTTP 500 error occurs. The
oddities in the log file are these at startup:
12:43:30,179 INFO   - Unable to locate MessageSource with name 'messageSource': using default
12:43:30,185 INFO   - Unable to locate ApplicationEventMulticaster with name
'applicationEventMulticaster': using default
12:43:30,195 INFO   - Unable to locate ThemeSource with name 'themeSource': using default

(for the rest of the messages see an earlier post in this thread). However these messages
been there since I first installed Roller.

Looking at the Apache logs:
... - - [23/Apr/2008:19:54:21 +0100] "GET /roller/fmw HTTP/1.1" 302 201 "-"
... - - [23/Apr/2008:19:54:40 +0100] "GET /roller/fmw/ HTTP/1.1" 500 1432 "-" 
... - - [23/Apr/2008:19:54:40 +0100] "GET
HTTP/1.1" 200 14677 "http://.../roller/fmw/"

So that first response (302) is a redirect, followed by the 500 error. The roller.css succeeded
and is the stylesheet used by the code 500 "Roller has encountered and logged an unexpected
exception." error page.

I'll keep diggin'...

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