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From "Odelya YomTov-Glick" <>
Subject ambiguousness in getMostCommentedWeblogEntries
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 16:02:44 GMT
When I try to use the method as Dave wrote to me like this:
#set ($theEntries = $site.getMostCommentedWeblogEntries(20, 100))
#foreach($entryStatCount in $theEntries)
Nothing returns.

I looked in the source code, and saw that actually WeblogManager expects to
use the method with different parameters!
     * Get weblog enties ordered by descending number of comments.
     * @param website    Weblog or null to get for all weblogs.
     * @param startDate  Start date or null for no start date.
     * @param endDate    End date or null for no end date.
     * @param offset     Offset into results for paging
     * @param length     Max comments to return (or -1 for no limit)
     * @returns List of WeblogEntryData objects.
    public List getMostCommentedWeblogEntries(
            Weblog website,             
            Date        startDate,
            Date        endDate,
            int         offset, 
            int         length)
            throws WebloggerException;

what's the right way to use it?


Odelya YomTov - Glick

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