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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Changing the Roller user authentication part
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 20:34:53 GMT
On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 11:40 PM, ballistic_realm
<> wrote:
>  Hi . I want to ask something again :-D.
>  I tried to deploy the roller 4.0 from the source code. I downloaded the code
>  ( roller 4.0 , not checking out from svn ). After a few missing jars , i
>  finally able to make it working
>  Now my question is that if i want to change the code where user is
>  authenticated when login , where can i do that ?  I have been searching for
>  the file but i cant find where is it exactly.
>  The reason i want to do this is that i want to change the code to do http
>  post to certain url and read the
>  result ( actually i have to authenticate against LDAP but i am not allowed
>  to connect to LDAP directly, so i have to programatically use HTTP post to
>  submit the login form and parse the HTML result ).
>  any help is very appreciated

Roller uses the Spring Acegi security system for user authentication.
The WEB-INF/security.xml file configures Acegi to authenticate users
against Roller's built-in rolleruser and userrole tables, but if you
understand Aceigy you can configure it to authenticate against other
systems. See the Acegi docs for more information:

- Dave

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