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From Dave <>
Subject Re: What is the difference between rendering.pageModels and rendering.siteModels
Date Sun, 16 Mar 2008 19:55:10 GMT
On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 12:45 PM, Steve99
<> wrote:
>  I have just installed 4.0 and it appears to be working (mostly) but I just do
>  not understand the difference between these two properties in relation to
>  templates.
>  I have a community blog set to be the aggregated site-wide frontpage. This
>  blog uses the frontpage theme.
>  I have another blog that a user would use. As per a number of posts it took
>  sometime to figure out that the installed frontpage template was not
>  actually picking up the $site model.
>  I added the following entry into the custom property file and bingo I know
>  see the blogs from the user blog. !NOTE the SiteModel class added
>  rendering.pageModels=\
>  org.apache.roller.weblogger.ui.rendering.model.PageModel,\
>  org.apache.roller.weblogger.ui.rendering.model.ConfigModel,\
>  org.apache.roller.weblogger.ui.rendering.model.UtilitiesModel,\
>  org.apache.roller.weblogger.ui.rendering.model.URLModel,\
>  org.apache.roller.weblogger.ui.rendering.model.MessageModel,\
>  org.apache.roller.weblogger.ui.rendering.model.CalendarModel,\
>  org.apache.roller.weblogger.ui.rendering.model.MenuModel,\
>  org.apache.roller.weblogger.ui.rendering.model.SiteModel
>  If any one could explain to me the differnce between pageModels and
>  siteModels I would be very grateful as it is not clear at all from the
>  documentation.
>  I also added this to custom property file to see if this would show any
>  difference. ie No classes defined for this property. Again I still see my
>  data, great but confused as to what this is used for?
>  rendering.siteModels=

Page models are the models that are loaded for normal blog page rendering.

Site models are the models loaded only for the aggregated front page blog.

Feed models are the models loaded for Roller's feed generating servlets.

You can override all those to add new models of your own.
If you want to add a model for all pages, then add it to
rendering.pageModels, rendering.searchModels (for search pages)
and rendering.previewModels (for the blog preview) to make
sure it's available in all the right places.

- Dave

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