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From Dave <>
Subject Re: need help...
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2008 01:18:30 GMT
On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 8:30 AM, Samba Siva Reddy
<> wrote:
>  We want to customize the Roller application as per following
>  requirement.
>  Requirement:
>  - Customize the UI of Roller

See my previous email today to Abhay Srivastava.

>  - Customize the search capabilities of Roller

You'll have to hit the source code for this. Look for the IndexManager
interface and all classes that call it.

>  - Customize the Roller User Administration by integrating with External
>  User Management System.

One approach is to tweak the Acegi security.xml file because Acegi can
authenticate against many different auth systems. For example, LDAP,
which is explained in this wiki page:

>  So, we have few questions as part of this exercise, and prompt
>  clarification would be a great help for us.
>  1.      Is there any plug-in feature available for integrating with
>  External User Management System? If so, give us some guidelines?

Not yet, but we are working on one for 4.1.

>  2.      If no plug-in feature then where all we need to modify the code?
>  I mean only in java files or some other places?

Try the Acegi approach. If that won't work, then take a look at the
User Manager interface.

>  3.      How can we customize complete new UI? What all the technologies
>  need to know in advance?

See that email I mentioned. It's best to customize the blogs via
templates. If you have to customize the editor/admin UI then you'll
need to know HTML, CSS, JSP, Struts2 and Tiles.

>  4.      Does customization of search capabilities also requires code
>  change OR require only configuration file changes?

Yes, you'll probably need to make code changes.

>  5.      Is there any functionality to send the email to blogger?

Yes, there is email notification of comments.

- Dave

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