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From Jens Greive <>
Subject Re: Roller + CAS
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2008 17:13:26 GMT

I found the problem. The certificate I generated for the https  
connection, was wrong. I think it had the wrong server name. To find  
the problem I wrote a small HelloWorld servlet and got the exception  
Phillip mentioned. So I regenerated the certificate and now it works  
with roller and the HelloWorld servlet.

Thanks for all answeres,


Am 31.03.2008 um 18:10 schrieb Phillip Rhodes:

> Jens Greive wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I followed the instructions from this site

>>  to integrate roller with CAS ( 
>> cas/). Now when I try to login into roller I am redirected to the  
>> CAS login page and can login there successfully. But after being  
>> redirected to roller, roller shows the message "Wrong User-Password- 
>> Combination". I searched the internet and found some reports from  
>> users who were experiencing the same problem. But nobody has posted  
>> a solution so far. Does anyone has an idea?
> You're not testing with a self-signed certificate by any chance are  
> you? If you are, you'll need to import the certificate you are using  
> so that JSSE trust it.  If you don't, on the redirect back to Roller  
> from CAS, when the CASProcessingFilter tries to validate the CAS  
> ticket, it winds up blowing up with some crazy exception that looks  
> like:
> PKIX path building  
> failed:  
> unable to find valid certification path to requested target
> Unfortunately this exception seems to be "swallowed" down in the  
> bowels of the CAS processing so you never see it in the log. The  
> only way
> I found out this was happening to me was by stepping through
> the code in the debugger.
> Anyway, if this is the same problem you're getting, see this webpage  
> for
> details on how to load the certificate into your JRE so that it
> will work.
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> Phillip Rhodes
> Chief Architect - OpenQabal
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