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From abhay srivastava <>
Subject Re: Customizing the login and New entry page
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2008 02:38:47 GMT
Thanks Dave.

I was looking under the theme directory but couldn't find the image for the color of top strip
that comes on the login page, above the sentence "Welcome to Roller"

Is it defined in color.css or is their a seperate .gif file for that ?

Dave <> wrote: Check the Roller install guide for details on how
to create and place
a file.

You can safely ignore that one in the examples directory.

- Dave

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 9:59 PM, abhay srivastava  wrote:
> Hi Dave,
>     Thanks for your valuable input. Though I know struts, I will be first trying the
first approach. can you tell me where I have to put file ?
>  Right now I see it in webapp\roller\roller-ui\docs\examples\rollertask
>  -abhay
>  Dave  wrote: On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 7:55 AM, abhay srivastava  wrote:
>  > Hello, Can anyone tell me how to customize the login the and New Entry page with
different banner and color schemes? For example : The is also running on roller
and they were able to customize the login page.
>  You can customize the front-page by creating a front-page blog theme,
>  but to customize the login page and the editor/admin UI there are two
>  approaches.
>  The first one is to use the undocumented editor/admin UI theme
>  capability. If you look in the directory /web/roller-ui/theme you will
>  find three directories sun, blue and tan. These are three different
>  themes for the editor/admin UI. You can pick one by specifying the
>  property 'editor.theme' in your file. By
>  default editor.theme=tan.
>  If creating your own theme directory does not give you enough control,
>  then you will need to understand Struts2 and Tiles. Look in
>  WEB-INF/tiles.xml for the tiles config and then under
>  WEB-INF/jsp/tiles for the tiles referenced by tiles.xml. You can
>  modify those as needed, but remember, next time a Roller release comes
>  out you may have to do some annoying merges.
>  Hope that helps,
>  - Dave
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