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From Peter Evans <>
Subject Documentation vs Reality?
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 09:40:12 GMT

 I am not a java programmer, nor have I any intention of getting involved in the
 nitty gritty of 200+ line information free tracebacks from the slightest error.
 So please, none of that linux "if you don't like it, you fix it!" mentality.
glassfish 2 ur1, roller 4, opensolaris, etc.

Is someone working on updating the documentation? 
The "roller-template-guide.pdf" is dated August 2007 and contains numerous omissions,
or it would, if they hadn't been omitted.

Using the frontpage template and an example, I'm trying to make my own site page full
of various tunes.

First up, *Pinned* are undocumented, eg: $site.getPinnedWeblogEntries			

Second, bits of USER Objects may or may not exist: $entry.creator.screenName
Third: bits of ENTRY Objects may or may not contain what is expected:

$entry.permalink		in _entry.vm

$model.permalink, appears boolean.
PLANET ENTRY Object has:
$entry.permalink, it is about as clear as mud which object I have at which time, eg:

this is _site.vm (a homebrew based on frontpage)

#set($ps = $site.getWeblogEntriesPager($since, $maxResults))
 #foreach($entry in $ps.items)
  #if($velocityCount <= $maxResults)
   #includeTemplate($model.weblog "_entry")

(the silliness with $e is because it won't pass $entry down ...)

this is _planet.vm

#set($pp = $planet.getAggregationPager($since, $maxResults))
 #foreach($entry in $pp.items)
  #if($velocityCount <= $maxResults)
   #includeTemplate($model.weblog "_entry")

_entry.vm consists of some nonsense vaguely like the frontpage one.

$e.permalink		site gives correct url /roller/front/entry/blah
			planet gives only the top site page!

$e.creator.screenName 	site gives correct one, 
			planet has no such animal

And, from the special extra box, doing:
asadmin deploydir ~/apache-roller-4.0/webapp/roller/
causes glassfish to eat memory at about 20mb/reload
is there perhaps a more intelligent way to get it to reload themes one is playing with
(and "export custom theme" would be really nice here ...)

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