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From Jm Seigneur <>
Subject Out of Memory Exception after a while
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2008 19:29:58 GMT
Dear all,

Thanks for Roller improvements. Last year it took 3 hours to my students 
to install Roller and this year it worked in 1 hour or so.

However, I'm running a Roller version with Planet enabled and I'm 
experiencing an Out of Memory Exception since one of the external RSS 
feed I was fetching has disappeared.

The first time, Roller logged that the feed was returning 404 Not Found 
and keep trying to fetch until Out of Memory and Tomcat down.

After restarting Tomcat, increasing max memory allocation and removing 
the dead feed from my list of Planet feed subscriptions, I thought it 
would be okay but no.
Although the dead feed does not appear any more in my list of Planet 
feeds, Tomcat still goes out of memory with logs mentioning that the 
dead feed returns 404...

Any idea on how to repair this?



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