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From Peter Evans <>
Subject 4.0 email activation pilot error?
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 09:04:44 GMT

solaris 10 intel, glassfish v2ur1 b09d
roller 4.0
database - derby

all running as a regular user.
--------- -----------
# derby?
--------- -----------

system.log shows:
Roller Weblogger: Successfully loaded custom properties file from classpath|#]


launch, create "admin" user,
global config - "require new users to activate accounts via email" ON
email address <something at my site>
new window in another browser.
try and create a user ...
it sends email ... mail is received, its a mess of html without a nice text equivalent for

us stone age text people ...

visit URL:

big red error box basically saying "every field is a required field" along with a default
locale "albanian"

there are any number of warnings about roller, but nothing about the above failing to find
its user.
Though a few installs ago, it was CustomUser blah unsupported twaddle. Only the space goat
knows what I
did that time.

from the system.log

Unable to set
 request character encoding to UTF-8 from context /roller, because request parameters have
already been read,
or ServletRequest.getReader() has already been called|#]

^^-- one per page hit.  You have precious little chance of finding anything in this noise


"" "NULL-AUTH-USER" "28/Feb/2008:17:07:51 +0900" "GET /roller/roller-ui/register!activate.rol?a
ctivationCode=3319ba5e-a156-425f-b828-4051f68b2123 HTTP/1.1" 200 51107

Thats's our URL, magic code is the same.
does derby know about our user?

usagi 138> bin/ij
ij> connect 'jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/rollerdb';
ij> select activationcode,isenabled,username from rolleruser;
ACTIVATIONCODE                                  |ISENA&|USERNAME                     
                        3319ba5e-a156-425f-b828-4051f68b2123            |0     |bunny2   

yes, derby knows, same code.

what happens if I put a bogus authentication code in?
exactly the same, no complaint that the authentcation code is inane/insane etc.

(rinse and repeat with "enable debug mode" ON in sitewideconfig, nothing at all)


	Where should I look?
	What should I look for and why can't one delete users in the server administrator?

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