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From John Moylan <>
Subject Re: Unable to access web authoring pages after upgrade from 3.1 to 4.0
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 07:17:58 GMT

Try turning password encryption off in
Encryption is on be default in 4.


On Sun, 2008-02-17 at 17:55 -0500, Eric Wittle wrote:
> I was running 3.1 with Mysql 4.1 on an older server. I bought a new  
> better server, and decided to migrate Roller and upgrade it.
> I successfully migrated roller (was able to run 3.1 just fine), but  
> after the 4.0 upgrade, I'm having problems.
> The upgrade is partially successful; I can access my blog as an  
> anonymous user. However, when I log in, I get:
> Permission Denied
> Possible causes:
> You requested a weblog entry that you do not have permission to edit  
> (perhaps one you've already submitted for review?).
> You tried to save an object from "stale" web page, left by an earlier  
> login under a different user account.
> You logged in using incorrect capitalization of your username. To  
> resolve this problem, logout and login again with your correct username.
> Your blog server's database connection is misconfigured. To resolve  
> this problem, see your system administrator.
> The URL which is generating this page is:

> , which as far as I know is the general UI for administering my blog.  
> I get the same permission denied results when I log in as the admin  
> user, but the URL is different. My regular blog URL (

> ) works regardless of whether I'm logged in or not, or which account  
> I'm logged in with.
> I cannot see anything interesting in the log file. (The last line in  
> the roller.log file is recording that it is initializing the Velocity  
> Rendering Engine, and this message is > 10 minutes old).
> I doubt that this problem is any of the first three possibilities  
> listed above, and I can't find any details on the fourth item. It  
> seems unlikely the connection itself is misconfigured; if so how would  
> Roller be able to display the main view?
> I'm looking for help on how to triage this further. My database has  
> been upgraded from the 1.X series of Roller, and I've had problems in  
> the past where old content in the DB has caused problems with newer  
> releases. I'm also running mysql 5.X on the new system, and was  
> running 4.1 on the old system.
> Any help taking the next step in triage would be appreciated.
> -Eric

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